Aurora, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (2017). Published by Filarmonika.
Commissioned by the Houston Symphony, Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Music Director, and dedicated to Leticia Moreno.
Instrumentation: solo violin + 2222/ 4231/ T Perc (3)/ Str
Duration: ca. 32' 

Guardian of the Horizon, Concerto Grosso for Violin, Cello and Strings (2017) Published by Filarmonika.
Co-commissioned by the Sphinx Organization, with the support of Linda and Stuart Nelson, Carnegie Hall, and New World Symphony in honor of Sphinx's 20th Anniversary Celebration. In loving memory of my father, Javier.
Instrumentation: solo violin, solo cello + strings
Duration: ca. 15'

Lord of the Air, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (2012). Published by Filarmonika.
Commissioned by the Texas Christian University and dedicated to Jesús Castro-Balbi.
Instrumentation: solo cello + 2222/ 4200/ T Perc (2)/ Hp/ Str
Duration: ca. 24'

Lago de Lágrimas, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (2009/10). Published by Filarmonika.  
Commissioned by Miguel Harth-Bedoya and dedicated to Jessica Warren-Acosta
Instrumentation: solo flute (with glissando headjoint, if available) + 2222/ 4231/ Perc (2)/ Hp/ Str
Duration: ca. 22'  

Epiphany, Concertino for Piano, Brass, Strings and Percussion (2007). Published by Filarmonika
2008 Morton Gould Young Composer Award (American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
2nd prize at the 2008 Nicola de Lorenzo Music Composition Contest (UC Berkeley)
Dedicated to Javier Arrebola
Instrumentation: solo piano + 0000/ 3331/ T Perc (2)/ Str
Duration: ca. 15'

Varem, Concerto for Koto and Orchestra (2004)  
Commissioned by the Utrechtse Muziekacademie (UMA-orchestra) and dedicated to Makiko Goto.
Instrumentation: solo koto + 3 fl. (3rd doubling Piccolo) 2 ob. 3 cl. (3rd doubling bass clarinet) 3 bsn. (3rd doubling double bassoon) / 3201/ T Perc (2) / Str (12, 10, 8, 6, 4)
Duration: ca. 27'

Arco de Luz, for Tenor Saxophone and Wind Ensemble (1999)
Instrumentation: solo tenor saxophone + 2 fl 2 cl 2 alto sax 1 tenor sax 2 hns 4 tpts 2 tbn 1 tuba
Duration: ca. 8'