Dreamers, oratorio for soprano, mixed chorus, and orchestra (2018) published by Filarmonika
Co-commissioned by Cal Performances, Stanford Live, University Musical Society, and Washington Performing Arts, with funds from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
Instrumentation 3333/ 4331/ T Perc (3)/ Hp/ Str
Duration: ca. 44'

Bel Canto: A Symphonic Canvas, (2017) published by Filarmonika
Orchestral Suite from Bel Canto: The Opera
Co-commissioned by the Forth Worth Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and Bremen Philharmonic.
Instrumentation: 3333/ 4331/ T Perc (3)/ Hp/ Str
Duration: ca. 30'

Symphony No. 1: The Travails of Persiles and Sigismunda, (2016) published by Filarmonika
Commissioned by the National Orchestra of Spain
Instrumentation: 3322/ 4231/ T Perc (2)/ Hp/ Cel/ Str
Duration: ca. 45'

Man and Man, for countertenor and ensemble (2015) published by Filarmonika
Dedicated to Heleno Leitao
Instrumentation: 1111/ 3000/ Str (11111) (See "Chamber Music" for version for countertenor and piano)
Duration: ca. 7'

Perú Negro, (2012) published by Filarmonika
Commissioned by Miguel Harth-Bedoya
Instrumentation: 3333/ 4331/ T Perc (3)/ Str (See "Chamber Music" for version for two pianos)
Duration: ca. 17'

Synesthésie, (2011) published by Filarmonika
Commissioned by Radio France
1st Prize at the 2012 Nicola de Lorenzo Music Composition Contest (UC Berkeley)
Instrumentation: 3333/ 4331/ T Perc (3)/ Hp/ Str
Duration: ca. 11’

Avec Swing, (2010) published by Filarmonika    
Written for Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and conductor Lorraine Villancourt.
Instrumentation: 1111/ 1100/ Drum Set/ Str (11111)
Duration: ca. 6'

Fiesta! (2007), published by Filarmonika      
Commissioned by Miguel Harth-Bedoya for the 100th anniversary of the Lima Philharmonic Society
- Ensemble Version: 1111/ 1100/ Perc (3)/ Str (44332 or 11111)
- Orchestra Version: 2222/ 4231/ T Perc (2)/ Str
Duration: ca. 10'

América Salvaje, (2006) published by Filarmonika      
Commissioned by the Minister of Education, Javier Sota Nadal, for the inauguration of the National Library of Peru
Instrumentation: 2222*/ 3331†/ Perc (4)/ Pno/ Str
*all woodwinds doubling ocarina and water whistle
†all brass doubling pututos
Duration: ca. 14'

A Wedding Blast, (2005)     
Instrumentation: 2222/ 2221/ T Perc (1)/ Str
Duration: ca. 2'

Los Magos del Silencio, (2004)
Orchestral Suite from Los Magos del Silencio: The Ballet
Commissioned by Hernán Garrido-Lecca and Yvonne von Möllendorff
Instrumentation: 2222/ 4231/ T Perc (2)/ Str
Duration: ca. 24'

Carnynx, (2002)
Orchestra Prize at the CCA Taiwan International Composition Competition 2002
Instrumentation: 2222/ 3200/ T Perc (1)/ Str
Duration: ca. 12'

Aires de Marinera, for big band (2002)    
Instrumentation: 2 alto sax, 2 tenor sax, 1 baritone sax, 4 tpts, 3 tbns, 1 double bass, drum set
Duration: ca. 6'